Sunday, September 14, 2008

Camellia (click here to bid)

State Flower of Alabama

The Camellia produces flowers up to 5 in (12.7 cm) wide with yellow centers and rounded overlapping petals, much like a rose. The flowers are prized, but so are the glossy leaves that stay a deep, shiny green all year. It is a slow grower, but eventually will reach up to 20 ft (6.1 m) tall. Camellias flower from late winter to early spring. Over 3,000 varieties, cultivars and hybrids of Camellia state flower is the only symbol not native to Alabama. It's from Asia. Camellias are named for G.J. Kamel, a Jesuit priest who traveled in Asia in the seventeenth century. The introduction of Camellia japonica L. in Italy is dated about 1760, but only during the XIXth century this species became popular. Many Italian nurserymen started growing Camellias at that time and soon this business became of remarkable importance. In two areas, the Lucchesia (Tuscany) and the lake Maggiore zone, camellia production was famous, due to the local nurserymen, breeders, and collectors. In these areas camellias were grown in a great number of gardens and still today it is possible to find old specimens.

Description of artwork
This work will be shipped in a clear acid free bag to protect your investment
Title: Camellia
Style: Realism
Size: 9x12
Colors: pink,green,blue,violet
Matted: yes, in acid free white matt
Medium: watercolor
Support: 140 lb cold pressed water color paper
Shipping: USPS Priority
Ready to Hang: no needs to be framed
Signature: Always Signed
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