Sunday, March 4, 2012

When the Cow Come Home Painting Demo

I have done a quick demo of how I painted the cows below.

I start with 140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper. I use masking tape to tape it down to a piece of hardboard. I buy a 4 x 8 sheet at Lowe's and have them cut it into 20x24 pieces. I work on several watercolors at the same time so when one is drying I can start on another one.

Now I have the work taped down so it will not buckle when it is wet. I really like to work on 300 lb paper but for this demo I am using 140 lb.

I sketch the cows and the landscape in that I want to paint.

I use a test sheet of colors that I may want to use. The one on the right was used in another painting and I have a fresh one for new color mixes that I might want to use.
I work from the top down so I don't get my hand in the wet paint.

While I wait for the sky to dry I work on the foreground.

Now that the sky is just damp I add the background trees and some to the darker areas to the cows.

I develop the cow and keep working on the landscape.

I darken the sky and work on the foreground.

I add more detail to the cows and their tails LOL , okay that was bad.

The color mixes I used for this painting
When the Cows Come Home
Thank you for viewing my artwork. I will post a new demo each Monday. and other painting during the week so check back often.

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