Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chicken and Daisy

Chicken and Dasies

I have a small sketch book that I do small drawings in. I keep them because I think I might like to work them into paintings. These paintings are usually oil paintings. I post my oil paintings on my painting of the day blog. Sometiems I use parts of what I have drawn other times it maybe the whole sketch.
Sketching is important to do and I have not been doing enough of it lately so I am going to post my sketch's here. These are just quick studies. Really there are warm ups or a way to jot down my thoughts.

 You will see as I post these that many times I have notes on the side as to colors and different ideas that I might have as to how I want to use them later.
I was out on one of my long runs this week, an 8 miler whens I headed into a cool shady park on the bayto get out of the sun. I ran into a group of plien air artist painting the beach. It was hot and I need a drink ( any excuses to take a break from the run) so slurping from my water bottle I went over to see what they were painting. I have never meant an artists who didn't love to talk about their work. The nice lady I started speaking to said, that she never takes her camera with her anymore when she paints. She does thumb nail sketches only; because it forces her to really look at what she is going to paint.Now that got me thinking.
I do sketches but I always use my camera too, maybe I depend on it to much? Am I losing something because of it. Things to think about.

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