Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oil Painting on Paper

Art by Delilah

Painting on paper is an art form in itself and there are many areas of technical expertise needed in order to ensure a durable and lasting work of art.
There are many thousands of types of paper, ranging form rough cardboard to thin and textured papers. Paper may be bought in different colors or specially prepared. In this exercise I used 140 lb watercolor paper but feel free to give it a try with cheap paper, a simple sketching or pastel paper will work. The method that will be discussed can be used with even the cheapest and least durable papers and the end result will be a very long lasting work of art.

1. Prepare the paper:
All that is required are a number of layers of thin acrylic paint or medium on the paper. Three layers should be sufficient, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next. The texture that you might like to create will be determined by the amount of acrylic paint or medium you apply. If you wish to retain the texture of the paper, a few thin layers of acrylic medium will be sufficient. with  this work I used thicker layers of gesso on my paper. You may also add elements or textures the paper to suit you needs. I like to use brush makes going one way then the other like the weave of canvas.,Once the medium or paint has dried your surface is essentially ready to be worked on.

2. Stretching paper
This means that the paper should be placed on a piece of hardboard and taped down with brown packaging tape.
3.Painting with oil based paints
One of the advantages of preparing paper with acrylic medium is that once the paper is protected or sealed by a firm layer of plastic acrylic, oil paint cannot enter the paper and rot it.Many famous artists have used this method to make rapid oil sketches of their subjects before doing a more detail painting on canvas.
* One important factor should be kept in mind when using oil on paper. Remember that you cannot use very thick oil on paper or you run the risk of very early cracking. Paper is a flexible base and if your oil paint is too deep or thick, the movement of the surface might create cracks. The best medium to use is just turpentine or mineral spirts

Give it a try and let me know hoe it turned out. email a picture of you work and link to you blog and I will post it.

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