Friday, July 2, 2010

Painting a Sunflower in Watercolor

I thought I might start sharing some of the process of how I paint in watercolor.

I start with a light drawing in pencil. I have drawn this a little darker then I usually would because I want it to show up in the photo. I sometimes do a dark line drawing like this to use for my hand embossed aceo prints.I prefer to draw directly on the watercolor paper.
I am using 140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper. I start with some base color washes. I am using lemon yellow here.

With a large brush I do some lose washes in the background and then add some yellow ochre in areas of the sunflowers.

I keep darkening areas of the painting. I am adding some burnt sienna here.

I like the way the sunflowers look here and I could stop paintings right now but I think I want a little more moodyness in this painting.How can I have Weeping Sunflowers if there isn't a mood?

Yes, I think it is there. I have added some browns in the lower corner to bring your eye into the painting and I have also warmed up the top left with a little more rose color.

Weeoing Sunflowers is available at my Etsy store, Thank you for viewing my blog.


Diana Moses Botkin said...

How fun to see your progression; it's always interesting to see how other artists approach a subject. Thanks for sharing your steps on this lovely painting.

Delilah said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment, have a wonderful holiday.

catatan hati said...

Hello .. I am a visitor from Malaysia who is like painting watercolors. I love sunflowers and I am looking for ways on how to drawing. Now I stumbled across your blog after clicking on google. Thank you for the great info .. and I hope there is another technique for the next drawing.