Saturday, January 14, 2012

Painting Vegetables and Lemons

I start with a light drawing.

I make a mixture of Ultamarine blue and Terra Verte for the background

I add the first wash of background color and wait for it to dry.

I keep a small test stip next to my painting and note the color mix I am using. I will use blue gray for the strips in the cloth.

In watercolor paintings I work my way from top to bottom or to the dries area first.

I keep noting colors that I will be using.

I put the base color on the first and vegetables.

I add more of the local color.

I keep testing colors on the strip at the side of my painting.

I add more color to the vegetables.

Once the first layers of color are dry I apply stronger color using less water washes.

I complete the vegetables I have started and add some base shadows. I put a red ring on the plate and add the plates shadow.

Vegetables and Lemons

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